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How to help prevent blocked drains

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Stillorgan Drain Cleaning

Preventing Blocked Drains:

Are you looking to prevent getting a blocked drain in your home? Stillorgan Drain cleaning has a few simple suggestions you can do to help try and prevent this issue from reoccurring. Do you keep needing to get professional drain cleaners out to clear your drains? It’s probably avoidable with minor changes when using your shower, bath, or sink.


Not everyone is a drain expert, so Stillorgan drain cleaning has compiled a simple list of steps below. 

Avoid Disposing/rid of Grease via the kitchen sink.


Stillorgan Drain Cleaning

Most people dispose of Grease by pouring it down the sink and think it is not a big deal or will cause any harm. This is because cooking grease is a liquid-like paste; however, it can begin to stick to the inside of the pipes. The Grease will continue to build up over time, closing the space for water to pass through. To prevent this, Grease can be disposed of by filling a Caan or jar; once the container is complete, it can be discarded in the bin. If you have any issues with your sink, Stillorgan drain cleaning can be contacted for the same-day callout. 

Other leading causes of a blocked sink are coffee grounds and small bits of food after running your plate under the tap.

Ensure your plate has been scraped into the bin and no food remains before running your container under warm water to help wash away Grease and keep your sink unblocked.


Pour boiling water down the kitchen drain.


Stillorgan Drain Cleaning

Be very cautious!!

Pouring a kettle of boiling water will help liquidate and/or remove debris from your blocked sink. Doing this once a week, or even when the sink itself is not blocked, is a great preventative measure. Again, be very careful when handling boiling water. This same measure is also effective for blocked baths, blocked toilets, and blocked showers. If you feel uneasy about this procedure or have a large amount of Grease down the sink, call Stillorgan Drain cleaning, and we will be with you the same day to help clear your sink of excess Grease. 



Never flush anything but toilet paper.


When flushing a toilet, flushing almost any other object other than toilet paper should be avoided at all costs. The most common offenses that result in blocked toilets are sanitary products, tooth floss, the inside of a toilet roll, and items that have fallen in that are “better off to flush than fish back out.” Not only can these items block your toilet, but also permanently block your sewer system, resulting in a re-pipe being needed. If you feel you have recently discarded an item that may cause an issue with your sewer system, you can call Stillorgan drain cleaning, and we will be there for the same-day callout and carry out a thorough inspection and get any potential issues sorted



Have annual inspections. 


Get an annual inspection carried out. Call a professional drain cleaning company out to inspect the status of your sewer system from the front garden right back to the household items themselves. Recognizing potential future problems is a straightforward job for a professional drain cleaning company. Stillorgan drain cleaning recommends getting the system checked once a year or every second year at an absolute minimum. This helps prevent blocked drains, toilets, showers, and baths.


Hair Clogs 


Stillorgan Drain Cleaning

Hair clogs are one of the main reasons that cause drainage blocks. It's essential to keep them out of the drains for sinks, baths, and showers. This can be done by buying a mesh screen for only a couple of euros. This screen allows the water to run through but catches the hair, thus preventing a drain blockage.


Prevention over cure. 


Using preventative measures and stopping the issue from occurring is better and more cost-effective than addressing a problem after. It takes a lot longer to take up manholes and clear drains than to use the preventative steps mentioned above. As we all know, accidents do happen, and nobody is perfect. When an issue does arise, Stillorgan Drain Cleaning has you covered. 


Side note:

A simple DIY method is a plunger if a sink, shower, or bath does get clogged. The plunger will help with more minor clogs much of the time. And however, if unsuccessful, it may require professional help from a drain cleaning company. 


Stillorgan Drain Cleaning provides same-day callouts anywhere in North and South Dublin and North Wicklow (Bray). We can help with any time of blockage, our drainage service includes:

Blocked drains 

Blocked sink 

Blocked Bath 

Blocked Showers


We are known for our fast call-outs & turnaround for all drainage services.


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