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The Benefits of High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Benefits of High Pressure Drain Cleaning

The majority of homeowners detest dealing with drainage system blockages, especially because they lack the tools necessary to clear them. Now, while you could just ignore it and hope that it goes away, the likelihood is that it will just become worse and that you will run the risk of the sewage water returning to your home, endangering your hygiene and generating a foul smell. High-pressure drain jetting is one of the greatest techniques to remove any obstruction or sewage buildup. Due to its various advantages, this has evolved into a crucial tool for maintaining drains and sewage systems. Let's examine a few benefits of this effective service.


Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


Experienced plumbers frequently use high-pressure drain cleaning to blast through clogs, also referred to as hydro-jetting. For various reasons, this approach is proven to be the most helpful drain-cleaning strategy. A plumber must perform it using a flexible hose joined to an adjustable nozzle. The nozzle shoots a high-pressure water spray into your pipes to clear obstructions.




Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


The clog in your pipes will be removed far more quickly than any other way, thanks to high-pressure cleaning. It can be laborious and exhausting to try to probe and poke the obstruction out of the drains, yet some people still do it. It will take a long time to completely excavate your drains because you have to dig the hole on or near your property and then fill it in. The number of sections you work on will usually determine how long it takes to complete an average drain jetting service. For instance, it can take up to two hours to clean two or three manholes. If you had a CCTV inspection, you could even shorten the time needed to find the obstruction and do the job more quickly.




Stillorgan Drain Cleaning

Removing the obstruction from your sewage system should be your top priority when you have a clog. However, given the variety of items flushed down the drains, eliminating the obstruction might only solve a portion of the issue. To build up additional mass or trap larger objects, tissues, fats, oils, and even coffee grounds can create a sticky atmosphere. Due to the multi-directional water stream used in high-pressure drain jetting, in addition to eliminating the obstruction, you will also be cleaning the inside of your pipes.




It's no secret that professional drain and sewer cleaning costs may be high. These costs can mount up and have a disastrous effect on your bank account, whether it be a normal service for a minor clog or an emergency cleaning.

Fortunately, the most affordable method of clearing drains is high-pressure drain cleaning. That's because no expensive chemicals or large machinery are required. There is no service fee because drilling is not necessary for the operation.

All that is needed to complete the task is for a plumbing expert to deliver the hydro-jetting blasts that will clear the pipes. High-pressure drain cleaning is the most economical due to its simplicity.



Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


When your drain is blocked, foul scents and smells from your sewage system might invade your home. Additionally, drain scents might be a sign of more severe problems, like the presence of harmful airborne particles.

Follow a checklist to attempt and get rid of the odour before you employ a professional. Start by cleaning all of your pertinent appliances with a drain cleaner, flushing, and rinsing. It's a good idea to call a drain cleaning firm to fix your issue if the odour you first noticed persists.



High-pressure drain cleaning also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than other methods. For instance, some plumbers clean home drains using aggressive cleaning solutions. The environment suffers greatly from these items. Additionally, they have the potential to contaminate the water supply. And that's not even mentioning the possibility of backups and spills that might cause skin rashes, injuries, or other physical harm.


On the other hand, high-pressure cleaning solely uses water to unclog drains. The procedure makes no use of toxic substances or harsh chemicals. It is a powerful, high-pressure water stream that clears obstructions from pipelines without causing any environmental degradation.


For as long as possible, you want to maintain the health of your home. Start with routine maintenance and repair if you're going to achieve this and much more. You prevent future problems from occurring by keeping the fundamental components of your home in good order.


Want to keep your house in top condition? Use a reputable drain cleaning service like Stillorgan Drain Cleaning for the job! We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year on 086 107 2329; give our friendly office team a call today to get booked in.


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