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A blocked toilet is very annoying and when a toilet is blocked, you need a toilet blocked solution immediately Stillorgan Drain Cleaning is an expert in unblocking toilet drains. If left untreated, a blocked toilet can become extremely difficult to repair and can cause chaos in any property.
Here at Stillorgan Drain Cleaning, we provide professional toilet unblocking services for domestic and commercial customers across Dublin. As well as unblocking home toilets and drains, we offer toilet unblocking for larger commercial properties such as offices and also for apartment blocks, factories, shopping centres, and more. If you need to unblock the toilet drain quickly, just contact Stillorgan Drain Cleaning as we offer a call out within 90 minutes.
Using high-end equipment and gentle techniques, we offer fast and efficient toilet unblocking services that protect the structural integrity of your wastewater system while still effectively removing the blockage. As a 24-hour plumbing service, we provide quick callouts and cost-effective services all day and night, 7 days a week.

Sink Blocked

Sink is blocked? Don’t Panic. Kitchen sink blocked or blocked bathroom sink is one of the most common blocked drains issues. The kitchen sink is blocked usually due to food waste or grease thrown down the drain. Over time the pipes keep getting blocked and you start using normal drain unblocking liquids more often.
A better and more permanent solution to unclog the sink will be to get a professional drain plumber. Stillorgan Drain Cleaning provides the quickest solution for blocked drains Dublin. A sink clogged can be a huge nuisance, one that can interrupt your daily life. In some cases, it can even cause a lot of damage to your kitchen. Getting a professional drain plumber is the best solution to this problem. Stillorgan Drain Cleaning has over 15 years of experience in the industry and would be happy to help unclog your kitchen sink at an affordable price in Dublin.

Do you require an Emergency drain Unblocking service in Dublin? Get in touch with our team today

Blocked shower drain

Hair, grease, and soap could be the cause of the blocked shower drain. There are also other possibilities why your shower drain is clogged such as dirt or minerals in your water supply or tree roots that have grown through tiny cracks in underground pipes. In Some cases, you might need a CCTV Drain Survey to diagnose the issue with your drains. If you want to discuss your issue you can leave us a message and our drain experts will contact you.

Drain Blocked Outside

Is your drain in the garden blocked? We often see the outside drains backing up or have smelly drains that might need an odour investigation. A blocked drain can be a hassle and needs to be looked at before any further complications occur. Stillorgan Drain Cleaning offers a call out within 90 mins for Drain Unblocking in Dublin.

Blocked toilet FAQs

  • Best toilet blocked solution

    If your toilet is getting blocked regularly, the best solution is to call a professional drain unblocking plumber like Stillorgan Drain Cleaning. If you avoid this drain service for long, your toilet can back up and compromise the hygiene of your house.

  • How much does drain cleaning in Dublin Cost ?

    Cost of Drain Cleaning in South Dublin differs from the cost of drain cleaning in North Dublin. Most Drain Companies work on per-hour charges that range from €120 to €200

  • What kind of drain services can be done by yourself ?

    If your sink or shower is taking time to drain you can see the common drain blockages and their quick fixes here. But we won’t recommend DIY Drain cleaning as it possesses potential risks. You can find that here in our article, why drain cleaning is a bad idea.

  • Unblock toilet DIY

    You can read about ways to unblock toilet yourself by clicking on the link here.

Offering Dublin Toilet Unblocking Services You Can Trust, Including:

Offering Dublin Toilet Unblocking Services You Can Trust, Including:

  • Domestic Toilet Unblocking

  • Commercial Toilet Unblocking

  • Apartment Block Toilet Unblocking

  • Toilet Drain CCTV Surveys

  • Indoor & Outdoor Drain Unblocking

  • Toilet Drain Repairs

  • Toilet Drain Cleaning

  • Blocked Sewage Drain Unblocking & Repairs

  • Sewage Drain Fault-Finding

  • Sewage Tank Unblocking

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