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A Complete Guide to Drains and Drain Cleaning Services:

Maybe your drains are blocked, leaking, smelling, or broken? Or maybe your house is simply old, or you're thinking of upgrading your plumbing or thinking of calling a plumber in Dublin. Whatever your reason, this article will provide you with a thorough guide for everything you might want to know about drains and drain services. This article will include an introduction to Drains, A Brief History of Drains, How Drains Work, Components of Your House Drains and Drain System, and Services for Drains. This guide has all the essential information you need to help solve your drain issue and prevent drain problems.

A Brief History of Drains:

Drainage is a system of removing water from your home or business, normally in relation to getting rid of sewage waste. If you have a problem with your drains or need help unblocking drains you probably need a plumber.

Modern drainage has its historical roots in the breakthrough engineering of the ancient Romans, whose early drainage systems were developed to help transport water to ensure topsoil was not eroded and to prevent flooding. This innovation led to the realization that this technology could also be used for the removal of human waste.

The Romans were aware of the need for hygiene and the need for sanitation in populated areas. They quickly utilized drains to cater to the needs of human waste disposal. This helped reduce the spread of illness and disease and made the cities more comfortable and less odorous.

By connecting residences and public latrines to a centralized drainage system that flushes out waste with free-flowing water, the Romans paved the way for modern Drainage systems. Their innovative drains were really a blueprint for our more modern drains and drain systems.

How do Drains work?

Any plumber in Dublin can tell you that the purpose of drainage is primarily for sewage removal. Modern domestic drains and business drain work via gravity. The angle of drain pipe is positioned more vertically to ensure a constant flow of water and waste. This design is the optimum for preventing blockages. For example, historically horizontal drains have an increased potential for blockages, which typically happen because of a build-up of grease, food, toilet paper, and sewage. Drains that are more vertically elevated have less chance of getting blocked hence why more vertical drains were adopted.

Drains and Drain Systems:

Your drains in your home or business are cleared through the design of the drain system which has two components. The plumbing system can be divided into two sub-systems. Firstly, the system which connects freshwater to the premises connects to taps, sinks, showers, and toilets. Secondly, there is the sub-system that disposes of wastewater and materials.

Components of Your House Drainage System:

Your drainage system in your home is composed of a number of different elements which are often hidden from sight, under sinks, inside toilets or in walls, inside ceilings, or under floors. Having a basic understanding of these different drain elements can be beneficial as it can help you identify any potential problems. This can save you money as you will know what to ask a Dublin plumber for when you call them on the phone. The essential components of drains include the following parts,

1. Fixture Drains:

This is the visible element of a sink or shower, this regularly has a locking mechanism that catches bits of excess rubbish and waste material.

2. “U” Bends or “P”-Traps:

After a fixture drain, there is a curved pipe that is shaped like a ”P” or a “U”. This design keeps resting water in the shape, which prevents odours and smells from traveling back up the drains.

3. Toilet Trap:

The toilet Trap is essentially identical to the “P” trap in shape and function, in that it also prevents unwanted odours and smells.

4. Standpipe

The Standpipe connects your washing machine drain to the plumbing so the wastewater can be removed from the sewage pipe.

5. Branch drain lines:

Branch Drain Lines connect the fixture drains to the Main Drain lines and are normally horizontal pipes, which are often situated in the walls of your residence.

6. Main Drain Line

The Main Drain Line is under the foundation of the residence and is connected to the sewer line which removes all your excess wastewater and materials from the drains. At Stillorgan Drain Cleaning our expert engineers are able to help any customer with any drainage problem. Our engineers are highly experienced and offer a broad range of services that can be tailored to suit your requirements. We can unblock any drain no matter how tough.

Services for Drains:

Drain Unblocking: If your drain is blocked it might mean something is trapped in the drain, that grease or waste has built up, or the pipe has been damaged. You may also want to prevent a drain block in advance by using our drain cleaning service.

1. Drain Repairs

If your pipe has been damaged, you may need a Drain repair. At Stillorgan Drains we can identify the problem and install new drains or alternatively fix the current pipes with pipelining.

2. Drain CCTV Inspection

Drain CCTV can be used to identify any problems with Drains that aren’t easily sourced. This method is the absolute gold standard for drains that need to be investigated and we offer premium CCTV studies. Our engineers are seasoned, industry-leading professionals and perform an efficient quality service that you can believe in.

3. Toilets Drain Unblocking

If your toilet isn’t flushing and won't unblock easily, call the drain experts at Stillorgan Drain Cleaning. When a toilet isn’t flushing, there is a number of causes such as a blockage, a problem with the flushing mechanics, or a broken toilet flush handle. Or your toilet may just be blocked, if your toilet is blocked it might be because of a blockage in the “P” or “U” traps, or it might be further inside the drains. We can unblock any blockage; we’re the solution, and we’ll do that hard part. It’s easy just give us a call and we’ll sort your drains out for you.

4. Sink Drains Unblocking

If your sink is blocked, our engineers can diagnose the issue and help you solve the problem. There might be a blockage in the “P” or “U” traps, or it might be further inside the system. At Stillorgan Gas, our experts can put your mind at ease and solve your sink issue asap.

5. Blocked Shower Drain

Sometimes your shower can be blocked due to waste and sewage getting blocked in the drain. This can prevent your shower from emptying wastewater. This can cause unwanted and unhealthy odours and smells. The cause of the blockage could also be because a pipe further in the plumbing line is damaged. Sometimes sewage may have leaked into the system and caused waste material to come up out of the shower. If you notice this, you have an emergency on your hands and need to get your shower drain unblocked asap. But you don’t need to worry because Stillorgan Drain Cleaning can solve it for you.

6. Drains Blocked Outside

Your Drain might be blocked outside, this can cause unwanted and unpleasant odours, or blockages which prevent water from leaving the house. This could potentially become a larger problem if not treated. If you notice any odours outside, you need a plumber so you should give us a call at Stillorgan Drains and Cleaning. We can book you in for an odour investigation for a quick and professional service.

7. Drain Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your drain is important to do in order to guarantee continued quality function and it also helps to prevent damage and potential future costs being incurred. Drains which have built up grease, and waste residue inside are far more likely to become blocked. This can in effect lead to drains becoming damaged and drains which need to be repaired or replaced. If you have experienced such drain blockages or are worried that your drains may become blocked in the future, you need a plumber. At Stillorgan Drain Cleaning our expert engineers really are seasoned veterans with a wealth of industry experience, so we know can clean your drains better than anyone else.

8. Odour Investigations

Odours which are emitted from a drain can be incredibly unpleasant and can cause sickness. Waste could be trapped in the systems which is causing the smell. This might be a build up of grease and waste or, it could be a decomposing rodent that made its way into the drainage system. In order to prevent damage to other aspects of your home's plumbing, you are financially better off getting an odour investigation. Our odour investigations are the best in Dublin. Get a plumber to investigate your odour with Stillorgan Drain Cleaning. We would encourage anyone reading this article to give us a call so we can answer any questions you might have.

9. Saniflo Toilet

Saniflo toilets are the optimum toilets, they are efficient and cause fewer problems. You can rest assured that with a Saniflo toilet, you will have peace and comfort like ever before. A plumber can install your Saniflo. At Stillorgan Drain Cleaning we can help you every step of the way on your Saniflo journey, we do Saniflo installations, annual Saniflo services, and Saniflo repairs. Servicing your Saniflo every year ensures it's fully functioning, and that there are no damaged mechanics or issues.

10. Rat Flaps for Drains.

One of the most typical ways in which a rodent can enter your drains and possibly your home is through the sewage system. Rats are attracted to the waste and grease that builds up inside drains and can live off it and spread. This can lead to damaged drains and even infestation. This poses health risks as rats are carriers of disease. But there is an easy answer, Rat flaps. What are rat flaps? Well, rat flaps are mechanical device that helps prevent rats from entering your drains while also ensuring waste can flow freely from your drains and into the sewer pipes.

Law Regarding Drains

In Ireland there are certain legal provisions and requirements for domestic residences when it comes to drains, these are outlined in the Water Services Acts 2007-2017, which you can read here.

Your Drain might be a private drain or shared but no matter what drain you have Dublin City Council outlines its responsibilities with regard to drainage which can be sourced on its website. However, if your Drain is a shared drain residents should have an agreement with how they will pay for any blockages or repairs using a plumber.

Drainage issues in private residences are not an issue for which Dublin City Council or Irish Water are legally responsible. The drain on your property and the section of the drain leading to the main road are your personal responsibility. In contrast, the section between the public road and the water main is the responsibility of the Irish water. These specifics might seem trite but knowing them can save yourself much-unwanted stress and expenditure, as you can read about from this insightful piece in the Irish Times here.

For other useful resources, you could also benefit from looking at resources on the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA website. The EPA is the official body responsible for the monitoring and regulation with regard to wastewater. To ensure that you are fully compliant you should review the regulations which can be downloaded here.


Throughout this article, we have tried to help give a broad and insightful guide to drains and drain services so that consumers can make more informed decisions.

We have outlined and explained a brief history of drains, how drains work, the components of Drains, drain services and the law surrounding drains and drainage in Dublin and Ireland. By giving consumers informed insights and knowledge surrounding drains we know you can save time and money in resolving future issues you might have and be more equipped in responding to the problem. Hopefully, you will know what to ask for when you call a plumber if your drain in Dublin is blocked or broken, or you need drain cleaning.

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