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Common Drain Blockage Causes & Quick Fixes

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Common Drain Blockage Causes & Quick Fixes

Blocked drains can be a significant annoyance; let's be honest; they're not pretty.

Sometimes it's as small as standing in an inch of water in the shower; other times, it's as serious as a sink overflowing.

Most Irish households will come across drain blockages at one point or another. They're usually caused by a foreign object blocking the pipe, congealing oil or grease, or even just a build-up of hair. If a blocked drain is left unattended, the blockage can get much worse, causing terrible odours, damage to your pipework, and possibly even risk to your health.

The good news is that you can often fix these problems yourself, but sometimes, you'll need to call the experts.

Below we'll look at the five most common causes of blocked drains and how to get them sorted yourself. Don't forget, when the DIY solutions aren't working, our team at Stillorgan Drain Cleaning is always here to help you fix the problem for good.



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If you have kids at home, you'll know how much they like to give their toys a "bath," most of the time in the toilet! From kid's toys to soap bottles and sanitary items, objects dropped into the toilet can cause blockages. Baby's nappies & wipes are also significant culprits, although these items can be more problematic as they tend to expand when wet and cause damage to the environment. If the thing is small, a plunger should be able to push out the most household blockage, and if the item is biodegradable chemical drain cleaner will generally clear it. This is one of the most common reasons for a blocked kitchen sink or a blocked toilet.



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We all accidentally wash away scraps of food and grease along with the dishwasher, but with time these can create blockages in your kitchen. Fatty substances like oil, butter, and olive oil are nasty as they harden when cooled and tend to stick inside the pipework, stopping water from being able to pass through. When cooking with fats, always dispose of the waste in a separate container like a bottle or a jar, as pouring the fats down the sink will cause a blockage. If you're in a pinch, you can use a chemical drain cleaning fluid to clear this blockage. You require a grease trap for this would stop the grease from entering your drainage system. 



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If you're a woman or living amongst women, you'll know all too well that hair can eventually build up in your shower drain and cause a blockage. The best preventative measure to combat this is using a drain catcher, which is inexpensive enough; a drain catcher or drain trap for the shower will catch most hair before it goes into your drain. If you find yourself with a drain blocked with hair, you can try a homemade drain snake using a wire coat hanger, fold it out into one long piece and bend the end a tiny bit, put it down your shower drain, and slowly move it around. Eventually, it would help if you had most of the hair collected on the hanger and can then take it back out of the drain. 



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Due to our notoriously unpredictable weather in Ireland, filling your garden with leaves, branches, and debris can only take one night. This debris gets accumulated in sewerage pipes and sewer drains. These things can cause you real hassle if it gets into your drains. Sweeping your garden regularly can prevent any debris from making its way into your drains. This is especially important if there is a flood warning, as blocked drains can cause a considerable risk of flooding. Some types of trees like willow & oak are known for being very thirsty, and so dehydrated that sometimes they'll grow their roots into nearby drains. If you find this happening in your home, water them regularly or consider setting up a sprinkler to keep them watered.



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We often can't see our home's pipework; they've usually tucked away under cabinets or buried beneath our homes. Pipes can eventually break down due to daily wear and tear. The only way to know if your pipework is damaged is if you see damp spots around your home, maybe in the ceilings or walls; other than this, it is hard to diagnose a broken pipe as they can be hard to access. This job is best left to a plumber or leak detection company as they have specialist equipment and experience.


Blocked drains can be a hassle in our busy lives. If you're having trouble with a drain that's constantly blocked or giving you grief, don't leave it any longer. Here at Stillorgan Drain Cleaning, we're only one call away from being in your home within the hour. If you are searching for drain cleaning near me, the answer will be Stillorgan Drain Cleaning 


Booking an appointment is easy; call our friendly office team today on 086 107 2329 to get booked in!



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