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Common Drain Issues in Hot Weather

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Common Drain Issues in Hot Weather

In Ireland, we love it when the sun shines and we can relax while basking in the warmth, but this may be soon undone by drainage issues brought on by the warm weather.

The following are the issues we encounter most frequently during the sweltering summer: -



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In the summer, blocked drains can cause some quite unpleasant odours because the food scraps and other waste stuck in your pipes can heat up and spoil. We advise throwing away all food scraps and not cleaning them off of dishes and cookware to prevent this. The same is true of coffee grounds, fat, oil, and grease, which all cause routine drain blockages.




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Leaking pipes will increase your water bills and wastewater that you'll have to pay to get fixed, which can be expensive. Your pipes and drains are more likely to leak when they are being used and stressed more than usual. This is true during the hot summer months when we use the hosepipe, sprinklers, and fill pools more frequently than during any other month. Therefore, you may utilize a water butt that gathers rainwater for you to use while the sun is out to assist reduce some of the load on your mains water.


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Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


Many of our outdoor water pipes are constructed of plastic, which can crack and break in the hot sun. The plastic may grow brittle from the sun's UV rays before cracking under the heat.

Not just above-ground pipes are susceptible to harm from the heat. The earth below gets extremely dry and cracked during intense sun spells, which adds pressure to the pipes and increases the risk of them rupturing.




Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


When the weather is great, Brits love to visit the beach to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, but we frequently unintentionally bring sand, stones, pebbles, and other beach debris home with us. Sand, along with any small stones and pebbles, will be washed down the drain as we wash off, which may cause obstructions and slowly emptying showers. A drain cover that may collect this debris for you and help prevent clogged shower drains would be an excellent investment.



Summer plants love the heat, but it's not so great because they have roots that spread out and can squeeze into any tiny crevice in your drains in search of nourishment to thrive. Any little crack will become bigger as the roots spread, and they will also obstruct the flow of your drains. It isn't much you can do to stop this from happening, but if root-related damage has already occurred, Stillorgan Drain Cleaning can help and find the solution for you.


Pipes Expanding

Pipe expansion is one plumbing issue the summer heat may cause. High temperatures during heat waves can cause your pipes to bulge or even burst! Even pipes buried underground are vulnerable to high temperatures. This has the potential to create a large mess, significant damage, and water waste. When turning on the cold water, if warm or lukewarm water is present, there may be a leak. Your water bill increase is another indication. Particularly if they happen underground, these leaks may be challenging to find. Make sure your pipes are frequently inspected, properly insulated, and buried deep enough in the ground to give them some protection from severe temperatures as this is the best line of defense against burst pipes.


In addition to clearing clogged drains, Stillorgan Drain Cleaning also provides CCTV surveys, septic tank upkeep, and drain repair. We place an emphasis on providing straightforward, professional service that is affordable both during and after a task is completed. We also ensure that all of our engineers are thoroughly trained and insured, giving you peace of mind.


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