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DIY Drain Cleaning Service & Why it can be a Bad Idea

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

DIY Drain Cleaning Service & Why it can be a Bad Idea

When your drain becomes seriously clogged, your first instinct may be to try to fix it yourself. This is a typical response. After all, aren't those drain-cleaning chemicals meant to work? The trouble is that drain cleaner and other over-the-counter solutions rarely work. While store-bought chemical drain cleaners may be a more cost-effective and convenient alternative to professional drain engineers, they may cause more harm than good.

Don't waste time attempting to unclog your clogged shower drain or sink just to have it reappear in a few days. It is safe to say not everyone knows how to unblock the drain. Our drain specialists at Stillorgan Drains provide rapid, effective solutions so that homeowners can go back to living their lives. We understand the appeal of DIY drain cleaners, but here are five reasons to call our emergency plumber and get the best Drain Company in Dublin 


DIY Drain Cleaning - A complete a No-No!

Know why...

Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


Exposure To Ineffective & Toxic Chemicals 

The old boiling water technique and store-bought cleaners may work for minor clogs, but they're inefficient and potentially harmful for more extensive jams. Drain cleaners frequently use strong chemicals that are both corrosive and possibly dangerous. The chemicals from the cleaner can stay in the air even after you've dumped it down the drain. As a result, toxins are ingested by anybody who enters the room. Don't take any chances with your kitchen and bathroom clogs; get a skilled plumber!



Aggravate A Previous Issue 


Digging around in the pipes might worsen a severe plumbing problem. Using DIY drain cleaners on the toilet, mainline, or the main drain could transform a minor issue into a major one if the pipe bursts, a connection is loosened, or a plumbing leak appears. These problems are significantly more expensive than simply calling a plumber to clear the clog.



Want to know how to unblock an outside drain? Call our emergency plumber now




Damage To Pipes

Some drain cleaners include large amounts of highly acidic hydrochloric acid. While they break down and clear a blockage, they also eat away at your pipes and septic system. 

The manufacturers who make these drain cleaners will not inform you that the chemicals used to make them (sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid) cause significant harm to your pipes over time. Drain cleaners are strong enough to eat through any material, including metal and PVC pipes. This includes the ones that claim to be "pipe safe." Corrosive acids attack the joints first, before moving on to the pipes. Drain cleaners also do not totally clean your pipes. They devour just enough of the barrier to allow the water to pass through. The cleanser is flushed into the septic tank the next time you turn on the water (which is bad for the septic tank). The blockage eventually begins to regenerate, and the vicious cycle repeats. 



Miss The Bigger Problem

When a clog arises, it can be difficult to determine exactly what is wrong with your plumbing. While a blockage may appear to be a simple problem, the underlying issue may be far more serious. The only way to get a clear image of what's going on is to hire a professional drain specialist or plumber. We use a variety of ways to diagnose and repair clogged drains, so homeowners can rest assured that the problem will be resolved fast and effectively. Stillorgan Drains can help you schedule services or learn more about the drain services we provide.



Your DIY Project Could Take Longer Than Expected

It could take hours to discover and solve the problem if you don't have the necessary equipment, knowledge, or experience working on plumbing systems. You could also squander time renting equipment or spending money on equipment just to discover that the problem is worse than you anticipated. An expert drain technician can quickly diagnose the problem (sometimes in minutes) and then clear the blockage. We use a process known as water jetting. We can rapidly remove the clog by applying water pressure to it. You will save money and time by not having to clean out your drains yourself.


When to Call the Professionals

DIY drain cleaning frequently serves as a bandage, masking a larger problem that can only be addressed by professional drain cleaning. For example, you may be having delayed tub drainage due to a crack in your plumbing line that is allowing dirt and other debris into the system, causing the blockage. Not treating blockages immediately and allowing them to build up over time might result in a much worse problem that will cost you a lot of money to fix. A competent plumber will ensure that you are not overlooking a more serious problem. The most efficient strategy to cure clogs is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Regular drain maintenance by our Drain Specialists in Stillorgan Drains will save you time and money in the long run.


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