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What are CCTV Drain Surveys & their Benefits

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

What are CCTV Drain Surveys & their Benefits

Understanding the state of your piping is a fantastic approach to guarantee that your drainage system functions properly. A CCTV Sewer & Drain survey is ideal for rapid, precise, and low disruption to ensure that your pipework is in good working order. At Stillorgan Drains we provide economical CCTV drain survey services to our customers. Our experts can provide clients with accurate and detailed information about their drainage systems, allowing them to detect and resolve any issues quickly. People used to excavate their drains on a massive scale to find out this information in the past. However, thanks to CCTV drainage surveys, this duty may now be completed at the touch of a button. CCTV drainage surveys employ cameras to evaluate your drainage and sewer systems, allowing us to quickly create findings with minimal inconvenience to your home or business. Our CCTV survey division uses specialist closed-circuit television systems to carefully examine subterranean drains, sewers, stormwater pipes, and channels.

What is CCTV Drains Survey? 

What are CCTV Drain Surveys & their Benefits


A drain survey is a technique for inspecting the condition of a drain system and determining the source of a problem. Drainage engineers or plumbers can then select the best course of action. Drain surveys have gotten more comprehensive and advanced due to modern technological advancements. It is also faster, safer, and, most crucially, less expensive.

A CCTV drain survey's procedures and equipment are adaptable; you can use it to inspect above-ground pipes including ducting systems, storage tanks, soil stacks, downpipes, and vertical


Importance of Drain Survey

Is there a clog in your drainage system? Drain inspections and surveys are being done using CCTV technology. That's because it's the most efficient way to figure out what's wrong with the drain or causing the clog. This post will explain how a CCTV drainage study works and why Irish homeowners should think about getting one. CCTV drain survey also answers the question of how to unblock an outside drain. The survey will let you know why you have a blocked toilet or a blocked kitchen sink


How do CCTV Drain Surveys work?

What are CCTV Drain Surveys & their Benefits

A push-rod camera is inserted into a 100mm to 150mm pipe or drain to inspect its condition or determine why a drain or pipe is clogged. A robotic crawler camera is put into the drain or pipe for bigger diameter pipe construction. It will conduct surveys with diameters ranging from 150mm to 1200mm. This ensures that the internal pipe condition is accurately recorded for examination and resolution.


Why And When To Get A CCTV Drain Survey

Although drain surveys are required as part of routine drain maintenance, there are particular instances where CCTV drain surveys are required, such as:

Before purchasing a new home – Before you buy in a home, a CCTV drainage survey may provide you a comprehensive image of the state of the drainage system. And

Ongoing drainage problems: Property owners who are experiencing persistent drainage problems should assess the state of their drainage system so that they may properly address the situation.


Benefits of Drain Survey

In these surveys, a cable with a camera is fed down your drains and pipes. It inspects your drainage system and transmits images to a display, allowing the plumber to observe what went wrong and make the necessary repairs. There are various advantages to doing this type of poll, including the following:

Discover Real-Time Threats Quickly – A properly working drain is rarely recognized. Only when it becomes a problem do you realize how important it is to your home. You'll want your drainage system fixed as quickly as possible if it develops a problem. As a result, a CCTV survey is critical because it expedites the procedure. More importantly, it avoids inconvenient and expensive digging and deconstruction by untrained or outdated plumbers. All you need for a CCTV drain survey is a drain inspection camera and access to your drain lines. It will finish the job and display images and video that detect real-time risks.

Get A Better Diagnosis – Speed is a critical factor in this diagnostic. Because the study is completed rapidly, specialists may instantly identify the problem. Instead of guessing based on limited facts, they may now create a personalized remedy to solve this specific problem, as was the case before CCTV drain surveys. As a result, if your traditional drain survey does not include the use of a CCTV camera or other new video technology, you should consider switching to the modern method of drain assessment. A CCTV camera, for example, can rapidly determine whether your current blockage is caused by tree roots, fat build-up in the pipes, or something else. The plumber now knows what to do next because the source of the problem has been identified.



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Minimize The Disruption – A major excavation is an alternative to a CCTV survey to identify concerns. This method entails a significant quantity of disruptive excavating that causes a lot of noise, inhibits access, and disrupts normalcy. In a CCTV survey, on the other hand, the camera does all of the work in finding the problem. As a result, once the issue is identified, specialists concentrate solely on that part of the drain, minimizing inconvenience.

Saves Money – One of the most significant advantages of using a CCTV drain survey is that it can be less expensive than traditional methods of detection and diagnosis. Specific problems were too difficult to identify without a camera a few years ago, necessitating multiple visits from professionals to determine the leading cause of the problem. It was also possible to develop an ineffectual and irrelevant remedy to the barrier. A CCTV-based strategy can help you receive a correct diagnosis on the first visit, minimizing the need for additional visits and saving money for everyone concerned.

Wise Approach For Those Moving House – Moving to a new home is a significant life event. You'll want to avoid any future headaches that end up costing you an arm and a leg. A house purchasers drain survey can be performed to inspect a property's drains before buying and map the status and locations of gutters.

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Give us a call if you're looking for a drain survey in Ireland. For residential and commercial customers concerned about the current health of their drain system, we offer in-depth CCTV drain surveys. Whether it's broken pipes that has to be replaced or a stubborn clog causing drainage problems, our CCTV drain surveys will reveal any recent issues with your drainage system.



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