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What is Odour Investigation?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Stillorgan Drain Cleaning

Stillorgan Drain Cleaning offers a wealth of experience in analysing, looking into, keeping track of, and addressing complex odour problems. Our team of experts has performed odour investigation and resolution work for clients in practically all industries and sectors, including household, commercial, and industrial.



Investigations of bad smells are frequently done as part of compliance monitoring. Drain odours in your home or business are never pleasant, frequently embarrassing, and cyclically stop and start. With the aid of our specialized smoke testing equipment, Stillorgan Drain Cleaning can identify the source of any unpleasant odour you may be experiencing in your home and believe may be caused by the sewage system or drains. Once the issue has been identified, our drain repair specialist can help you fix it.

Our team of odour investigators will conduct a customized indoor, outdoor, or environmental odour investigation of your property, identify the problem's cause, and provide a solution. Odour and air quality measurements are part of this.



Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


No matter how frequently you clean the toilet or run the fan, a smelly drain or drain stench in the bathroom is comparable to an overpowering sewage odour. It isn't always the result of a blockage in the drain system and can be brought on by a number of issues. Stillorgan Drain Cleaning provides complete odour detection services in Dublin. Our experts are qualified to locate and get rid of that offensive sewage odour in your kitchen and bathroom. Nobody enjoys having a kitchen sink that smells like sewage, but we can help!



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-          Natural resources and garbage

-          Industrial processes

-          Production byproducts

-          Dripping pipes

-          Issues with septic tanks

-          Bathroom blockages

-          Processing

-          Multiple complex sources are combined

-          Compounds that are present at levels much beyond the limits of instrumental detection

Contact us as soon as you can if you notice an odour coming from an unidentified source so that we can look into the situation and resolve your odour problems.



Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


The smell of sewage in the kitchen or bathroom is frequently the result of clogged drains or broken pipes. Smoke tests are used by our experts to identify persistent odors that won't go away on their own. When doing a smoke test, non-toxic smoke is pumped into the drain system and tracked through the pipework to determine if it emerges from a source other than the drain. It is a straightforward yet efficient technique for locating leaky pipes, damaged connections, or broken seals. The sewage smell within the house may be due to these fissures, which allow sewage waste to seep into the ground.

Even a hairline crack can be found by a smoke test, and a very little piping leak cannot be found by one of these tests. All of our personnel are qualified, outfitted, and knowledgeable about how to conduct a smoke test.



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Stillorgan Drain Cleaning


Sewer Smells

As a result of natural decomposition, sewer gases like methane and ammonia are produced in subterranean sewer systems. The sewage odour coming from your toilet or kitchen sink may be caused by these gases rising up through empty drain traps.


Water Leaks

Sulphates, which are used to cleanse water, are present in the water supply to your home. A rotten egg odour may result from the sulphates reacting with the sulphates in your water heater.


Pipe Blockages

Blockages in the drain pipes are a major reason why the drains smell in the house foul. If your toilet smells like sewage, clogged pipes may be to blame. The clogged pipes risk becoming entirely clogged if the issue is not fixed. Slow water drainage is a sign of blocked pipes.


Clogs in the drain and bacteria

Bacteria can be found in food, grease, hair, and other waste. These bacteria may build up in the pipes, particularly if they are obstructed. Get the shower drain checked for obstructions if you notice a scent.


Mould Formation

When there is a leak and water sits for a while, mould or mildew can start to grow inside the pipes. Even from behind a wall, you may be able to smell the mould's foul odour.


Plumbing Problems

Incorrect plumbing fittings can also contribute to sewer odour. A strong sewage odour in the bathroom might be caused by improper traps or vents fast accumulating mildew or bacteria.

The smells in your kitchen or bathroom might originate from a variety of places both within and outside the house. To do a complete survey and cleaning, you need professionals who have the necessary training. If you smell something coming from your toilet but it is not blocked, you should have it checked by one of our professionals so they can find and eliminate the odour's source. Our specialists have been well trained and have years of experience in plumbing repairs and odour elimination. We address the issue directly and completely get rid of the odour. If your odour issue is severe or ongoing, masking it or trying various workarounds won't cut it.

In Dublin, we offer a thorough solution for locating and eliminating drain odours. We have removed the sewage odour from hundreds of residences, workplaces, and commercial buildings. We promise to permanently eliminate the odour from your kitchen and bathroom.

Please get in contact if you have a persistently unpleasant drain odour on your property. Call us today on 086 107 2329.


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